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For all the cows..
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Every Have This Bad Of A Hair Day?
Thursday. 12.9.10 10:47 pm

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Tuesday. 12.7.10 11:17 pm
If you're feeling the love...I could use some votes...only if you want to....


;) :0

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My Mom
Tuesday. 12.7.10 10:47 pm
My mom. She is really one of the nicest people I know...although now that her hormones are changing she is a little bizarre at times! She stayed home with my brother and I while we were growing up. We were always going to the park, swimming, etc. She was the mom that took you and your friends anywhere, smiling the whole time. She still smiles, it's just in a "I can't believe you just said that" way.

When I was a really little girl, I loved to suck on my thumb. This habit annoyed her because she thought it would ruin my teeth. So she would put mustard on my thumb to make me stop. I would lick it off and continue to suck my thumb. She would get so upset with me.

If she only knew how much I absolutely loved mustard and hate ketchup she would have solved the problem a lot sooner!

Her favorite thing to say to me now is, "Do you want a little burger with that mustard?" :)

I love my mom.

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from tom-boy to now
Sunday. 12.5.10 8:19 pm
So, let me tell you how I went from being a 100% tomboy to the semi-girlie girlie/semi-tomboy I am today.

From the time I can remember my brother and I competed with each other. For example, who could throw the farthest, who could run the fastest, who could spit the farthest, etc. Are you seeing a trend here? They were all guy things. And my dad nurtured this competitive atmosphere between my older brother and myself. When I was five years old I ran my first 5K and finished first in the 14 and under age division. By the time I was 12, my dad and I had ran 5K’s (I have forgotten how many, that’s how many I have ran), played baseball, swam in competition swim meets (breaking county records in free-style), banged up my go-kart (actually demolished it into a tree in our yard…mom’s nightmare), crashed my mini-bike sevvvveeerrrallll times, and built a dirt-box derby car with my dad.

Then I turned 13. My mom had seen enough of her daughter being her second son. I came home from school one day and walked into my bedroom. It was painted lavendar with huge soft yellow stripes going down the walls. The one wall that slanted was yellow, with lavendar polka dots. It was actually pretty cool looking. But girlie. Then, I opened my armoire and screamed! No boy jeans. No plaid flannel shirts. In their sacred places hung, gulp, little skirts from Aeropostale. Tops to match the skirts. Girlie shoes. I about fainted. Then I looked at my dresser…make-up! Okay, I could play with that.

So, I trudged onto the school bus the next morning in my girlie clothes and by that night our phone didn’t stop ringing with boys wanting to talk to me. Dad’s nightmare! That next year I was a Cheerleader, homecoming princess nominee, and well on my way to converting to the world of girls!

Okay, so now it's time to tell me something about you!

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Sunday. 12.5.10 12:00 am
Well, where to begin... I am 23 years old. I, gag, still live at home with my parents. I am attending university to become a dental hygenist. I am a model (hence my "annoying" request for you to visit my contest website and vote for me).


My absolute passion, though, is POKER! And I am really good at it. When I play at casinos the guys at the table joke that I am a "donkey"...which is a horrible thing to call someone in the poker world. And then, I start taking their chips away from them and they call me other names...which I won't repeat here! They are usually shocked that a young girl grabbed all their chips.

BTW, how do I get rid of Michael Jackson? lol

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I Need Your Votes! Please?
Saturday. 12.4.10 8:03 pm

Hi! My name is Hallie and I have entered a Savvy Magazine photo shoot contest. I know you don’t know me but the winners are chosen by the public and if the public doesn’t know they need to vote…well, you guessed it, no one votes! Could you take a moment and look at my photos and decide if you would vote for me or not?

There are over 1000 of us trying to get to those top ten positions. If you don’t think I am top ten material scroll through the small icons to the right of mine and pick one of those ladies! One little click of your finger can help make somebodies dream a reality! You can vote once a day, everyday until January 1st! Thank You!


And special thanks to datechguy at www.datechguy.wordpress.com for voting for me and linking me!!!! And another big thank you to http://theothermccain.com has helped me out!

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